Shipboard Documentation Requirements Plus

THE MC-NO-MDO-2019-01 (MARINA CIRCULAR on the Online Appointment of Seafarers Identification Record Book 

The Circular that require all applicant of issuance of the Seafarers Identification Record Book, to secure a slot and upload the required documentation and reserve and appointment:

Download the full Marina Circular below: 

MC-NO.-MD-2019-01.pdf MC-NO.-MD-2019-01.pdf
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1. SRB and SID shall only be issued to Filipino seafarers who meet the requirements of this Circular. 

2. All Filipino seafarers onboard commercial vessel and fishing vessels of 35GT and 50GT above, respectively are covered under this Circular must possess a valid SRB and SID at all times while onboard. 

3. A valid SIRB/SRB is a prerequisite in the application for the issuance of SID. 

4. Application for the issuance of SRB and/or SI D shall be filed by the applicant through Online Appointment System (OAS) (refer to Process Flow in Annex A) and shall personally appear on the scheduled date of appointment. Re-issuance of expired/lost/damaged SRB and/or SID while onboard may be allowed to be filed through a duly authorized representative of the shipping company or manning agency.

5. Upon the request of maritime schools/institutions, shipping companies and other maritime enterprise, the Administration may dispatch the SRB and SID mobile team for onsile processing. 

6. Holders of Basic Training (BT) who have not gone on-board for the last 5 years shall be required to undergo the full course on BT. 

7. All Seafarers shall ensure that the entries in the SRB are properly filled up and signed by the Master of the ship before disembarkation. 

8. SRB and SID may be claimed personally, by a duly authorized representative or through the Administration accredited courier upon payment of additional fee.

9. SRB and SID which remains unclaimed within 6 months from the schedule date of release shall be revoked. The applicant shall be required to re-apply for issuance of a new SRB or SID


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