Before you create an account be sure that your an soft copy (scan copy) of the following requirements.

A1) To avoid delay or disapproval, please follow the following.

  1. The photo must be 2x2 in size in plain white background.
  2. The photos must be taken no more than 6 months prior to uploading.
  3. The applicant must wear decent attire with collar.
  4. Colored picture in uniform and current rank shoulder board. (FOR OFFICER)

A2)  2 X 2 ID picture based on the features given below

  1. Photo does not resemble applicant
  2. Applicant wears eyeglasses
  3. Background is not plain white
  4. Photo has shadows
  5. Ears are covered

See Sample Below

B) NB! Clearance 

C) CAR Transcript of Records

D) BT Certificates and COP 

E) Birth Certificate (issued by Philippines National Statistics Office PSO former NSO)

NEW MARINA SIRB/SIB Appointment System

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