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Requirements for applying Certificate of Validation, Assessment and Approval of the twelve (12) or  thirty six (36) months Sea-going Service/s  

To be submitted with the application:

 1.   Clearance from  the accounting

2.   Proof of BS enrollment(Student Enrollment form copy)

3.   Valid SIRB & Passport

4. Certificate of Ship's Particulars from MARINA/

5.   Duly accomplished Shipboard Training Office Cadet                Shipboard Evaluation Report, signed by The Master ( SFM-STO- 016-00forBSMT) and (SFM-STO-015-00 for BSMARE).

6.   COMPANY Certificate of Sea –Going Service for twelve (12         months or Thirty Six months).  DulyNotarized.

7.   Training Record Book Journal and Workbook 

8.  Accomplished school issued ISF On board Training Record           Book with proper documentation and required markings.

9.   Sea Projects (as required on the workbook accomplished using the dedicated sea project pages), students who doesn't have a work, sea project must be on the clear book.

10. Cadet Agreement (Contract of Company and Cadet signed by a school representative) 

11. Crew list 1 each month (12 crew list for 12 OBT & 36 crew list for 36 months OBT)



A.   Be sure you have with you ISF Training Record Book and Journals and Workbooks

c. BS Enrollment Form.

d. SIRB and PASSPORT with appropriate dat entries

e. Contact numbers of your company or agents.


 d. Accomplished ISF Training Record Book with all required signatures and stamp.

e. Completed Training Record Book Journal

f. Completed TRB Workbook

g. SIRB with all necessary data, Master signature and  Ship’s Stamp;

h. Passport

i.  Cadet Agreement 

i. All documents and Certificates submitted to the Master.

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